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August 6, 2017


- There has been lots of progress for Phase 1 and 2 (Mindtype)

- Machine learning workshops have started!

- The prototype for the first EMG workshop project has been planned and the design process has started


Hey guys,

This week, all teams have been putting in work for their respective projects. The user interface has been completed for the P300 Speller and the Phase 1 team is continuing to work on classification with the addition of configuring the docker. Phase 2's progress has been steady; the data extraction and Fast Fourier Transform algorithms have been implemented. The next step will be polishing the training algorithm as well as acquiring better test data. Phase 3 has yet to be worked on.

Workshops have recently commenced and the current focus is on Machine Learning. These are meant to help people learn and get hands on experience in a relaxed, fun environment. A project (using EMG) has already been planned and the prototype has been designed. There will be many other projects to come with the start of this school year!


Until next time,

The NeurotechUofT Team


(More will be coming soon, as we find new resources. If you have any resources you think are useful, email us neurotechuoft@outlook.com and we'll be happy to look at it!)


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