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July 2, 2017


- We presented the completed/working components of our MindType project at BrainBrowse on June 30

- We are still currently working on both Mindtype and Biosignals Board

- There will be a finalized project plan for EmotionLearn by Mid-July


Hey guys,

We’ve ended last week presenting MindType at the BrainBrowse event with demos. MingZhi also presented her demo visualizing the brain’s activity in correspondence with EEG signal amplitudes during seizures. BrainBrowse (run in collaboration with NeurotechX and Toronto Hacker Club) aimed to increase high school students’ exposure to neurotechnology and neuroscience.

All MindType and Biosignals Board project members have been and will continue working on their respective projects for the upcoming NeurotechX Student Clubs Competition. Mikael got our EEG Hat to work and stream data. The MindType team successfully implemented a multithreaded architecture, and are working to improve the LDA classifier’s accuracy. The Biosignals Board team booted up the ADS chip, and are working primarily with the OpenBCI to test their code.

Plans are also underway for our second project, EmotionLearn. EmotionLearn is our long term project designed to use physiological effects of emotions and mind states (with corresponding EEG data) to improve learning processes for people with learning disabilities (such as ADHD).

Additional note: We’re arranging a rock climbing excursion late July, so stay tuned!!!


See you all next week!

The NeurotechUofT Team


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